Sunday, December 30, 2018

More House Updates: Master Closet and Bathroom



I mentioned in a previous post that we created a master bedroom upstairs since there were no bedrooms upstairs when we bought the house. That was one of the first projects we finished. We knew eventually we wanted to do a master bathroom and a master closet, but moved onto other easier projects before tackling those. The kitchen flooded, and as a result, we ended up finishing up quite a few of our projects out of necessity, which turned out to be a blessing.  The above picture is how the house originally looked. Those two walls in the corner, would later become our master bath.

Once we took out the kitchen island, we did some framing and created the master closet as well as the master bathroom.

We started tearing off all the drywall to make room for the new plumbing.

Below: Is looking from inside the new master bath. That bathroom connects to a small half bath off the laundry that we re-finished at the same time as the master. (It's the whole if you give a mouse a cookie thing.)

 Below is a not so great image of after we framed in the bathroom wall and began to add drywall and a door, but before we broke into the wall that connects the two bathrooms.

For awhile the opening on the right was just open. Since we weren't going to add the master closet for awhile, I decided to keep access to my kitchen through that doorway. It was funny how many people thought we were going to leave it that way. :)

Below is the inside of the master bathroom once we had it all plumbed and the drywall put up.  We had multiple people tell us it could not be plumbed. There were many ducts and other things that were in the way and some venting that needed to be moved. We eventually found a very experienced master plumber, who plumbed both bathrooms for about $2800 (half the price of everyone else).  We were very pleased with his work and that it was do-able!!!

We added a tower/shower combo to the room.

I wanted to put wallpaper somewhere in the house and since it is so expensive, I decided to put it in a smaller room.  This was the pattern we decided on. I love it!  It was about $500  and another $500 to install. We decided to install it ourselves.  It was only about 12 sheets total and took us almost 2 full days! It was a lot more work to get it precise than we realized, but in the end we both really liked it!

The wallpaper we chose

Next it was time for Tile.  We had a great guy in our neighborhood, and his brother, tile the shower with tile we got for under $2 a square foot from Floor and Decor. I was thrilled with how it looked and even more thrilled that I wasn't the one tiling this time!!!  He did a herring bone pattern on the floor, which I love, in a slate tile we got from Home Depot for about $6 a sq. foot 


 I found a vanity from Pottery Barn, that was on clearance for under $1000.00.  We used leftover counter-top from our Kitchen counters that we were doing at the same time, and it was just enough to cover the vanity. We just had to pay for fabrication and install.  

And here are the two rooms we created, side-by-side. 

                                                                  MASTER CLOSET

Here is the master from the bedroom side of the room.  On the other side of the wall, where the shelves are with the shoes, is the kitchen pantry that we created.  We were concerned that there wouldn't be enough room with just bars on one side to hang clothes on, but we couldn't take anymore room from the kitchen. It ended up working out great. We just did a bar on the top and one on the bottom and then got rid of a bunch of clothes we weren't wearing. Plenty of room now. 

After 2.5 years, we are now able to change and use the bathroom in our bedroom!!! YAY!

Happy Decorating-