Sunday, December 10, 2017

House updates



This living room with attached dining room is one of my favorite rooms in the house. The small doors above, lead to the kitchen. When we do the kitchen, we will open that wall.

These rooms are pretty good size, so it's awesome for gathering people, but because they are bigger, they looked pretty plain. I don't mind the lighter color, but it wasn't my style. We decided to go bold and dark since there is great light in this room.

 Here is the dining room portion. You can see the color I picked on the wall. It is Benjamin Moore Peppercorn. I was nervous for sure. It was so dark.

 I decided to go for it. I could always repaint. . .

The kids get to "help."

It took me a good week to like it. I debated hourly about changing it. I'm so glad I stuck with it. We decided to add some wood for dramatic effect.

I did the wood while my husband was working. It's pretty easy and a great quick project. It's also fairly inexpensive. I believe the dining room area was under $150 for the wood.

After I painted, I loved the room. My husband wanted to do the same thing to the living room. I didn't because I thought for sure it would be too much dark. I wanted to do it mostly soft white. He won and I am so glad he did.

Not a good picture, sorry, but I painted around the fireplace where we knew we would add built-ins. That's the old tile as well.

 We bought 2 billy bookcases from IKEA for about 60 bucks a piece. We also added an extra shelf to each top and bought doors. All in all, I think it cost us under $250 for the built ins.

I also purchased curtains from IKEA. My sister had stenciled hers, so I copied her and I love the result!

 We used a saw and cut the ends of the fireplace so that the bookshelves could sit flush against it. Next, we had to re-tile the fireplace before we could put the bookcases in place.

Travis used a hammer drill to remove the tile, which worked great. It didn't take too long either. A few hours and it was off. He'd like to note that while he used the hammer drill, it was his "manly man strength" that removed it. 

My 10 year old and I tiled the fireplace. Its not perfect, but then again, nothing we do is, so I'm cool with it. 

 Next came the wood to make our built-ins look like built-ins. For Travis birthday, I popped up the wood while he was out donating blood. Yes, he is a keeper. We kept it simple and just did a simple and easy design on the flat portion and then added small flat pieces of wood to the side and fronts of each shelf. Trav had the awful part of doing the crown. I had the not as awful, but not awesome part of caulking and painting the wood.

Tile turned out good, I wish I had done a groute that was a hair darker.
Here is the painted and finished fireplace. I spray painted our bronze fireplace cover and it turned out great. Sorry another bad pic. :(

Here is the big reveal and just in time for Christmas. 
Eventually we will add some more furniture, when we have saved up for it, but I have to say this is now my favorite room in the house. I absolutely love how it turned out! I don't have exact figures, but I know we were under $1000.00 on this room. Not too bad. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Decorating.

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  1. Color looks good with mix of pattern, nice job!. One question do you have 4 wingback chairs or 2? If it is 4, I have a suggestion. Contact me sometime p.