Sunday, June 11, 2017


It's taking me a bit to post about our entryway. I've been waiting until we finished this fun old dresser that was given to us.  My husband, just finished the top of the table which he made from scratch so we're done!  Yay!


   My husband isn't a huge fan of shiplap or people that don't drive well. Anyway, he kindly let me do the shiplap in the entryway. He doesn't let me drive with him in the car.
Don't be fooled, I drive just fine.

Home Depot, tongue and groove shiplap. Great to work with, until you have to do over door frames, that is a bit tricky. 

Making sure it's level. I usually just do this when Travis is in the room and then say a few words like, "OK looks flush, centered, level" etc. etc. Then when he leaves, I hurry and toss up another piece and pretend like it was the old one. I am the speed, he is the perfection. . .where projects are concerned. He's pretty close in other ways too.

See the white socks with the white loafers? Told you he is perfection. Cutting wood in the winter though? He's awesome.

Other wall.

My ADHD usually kicks in and I start painting mid project and then just wait to help on other walls when needed. Since Trav's a perfectionist and I am not, I am rarely needed. Works out nicely.

Hammering in the top board. 

Not bad. The wall looks OK too.  Now, we needed to paint the doors inside because the white walls needed a contrast. Side bonus, that baby LOVES his dad way more than his mom. I am not complaining. :) 

We chose Benjamin Moore "Graphite."  I always want to type BM and then the paint color we used, on my blog posts to save time, but I am not sure if you guys are high brow enough to understand what BM stands for. From here on out, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. 

                                                                      Both doors done.

The 70s called and they want their tile back. I will happily re-gift it. The problem is, tile is pricey and it's not in the budget. The wood on the walls was roughly $200.
I saw on Pinterest that a girl had painted her tile with chalk paint. (The girl who painted her tile.) Her's looks amazing!  I decided I had nothing to lose. I bough $14 worth of chalk paint in Graphite. Then I painted the grout lines first, like she did.

Then I painted it all in and put 3 or 4 coats of Polyurethane over it. 

It was a hair dark for me and looked fake, so I needed to spruce it up. I bought a stencil online from Royal Design. It was a sheet of "Bees". I didn't want to use the whole sheet, so I picked about 12 tiles and stenciled a single bee on those, in Ralph Lauren Metallic Gold.

LOVE ! each of my kids got to paint one bee. They love finding their bee.

                                 It was just the pop the floor needed and a heck of a lot cheaper than tile.

The entryway needed some form of a table. My brother-in-laws grandma had given him an awesome bright orange dresser that he couldn't find a place for. My sister suggested I go bright green on it. I was skeptical, but Travis liked the idea, so I thought I would try it.

Let's be honest, this dresser would have fit right in with my 70s tile. . . no offenses Grandma. R.I.P.

I bought Emerald, I believe Behr makes it. (There are a lot of great Emeralds out there) and I let my 5-year-old paint it with me. If you don't let your kids paint with you, don't sweat it. You aren't a bad parent, you are a clean parent. . .something I know nothing about.

I was very skeptical at this point and did not love it, but Travis wisely told me to just give it time while he made a top for it.

He got a long board, cut it and glued it together and sanded it. Then we stained (Jacobean) and added the polyurethane. 

The top turned out amazing!
So glad I didn't repaint!!!! I love it! I love the pop of color too!


 Project entry way. . . DONE!  Well, except for the banisters. Next time.

Coming soon -Downstairs bathroom. (we're super close).

For anyone that thinks we get these projects done really quick, notice the season changes in the above pics.  This took a good 6 months. That's OK, it was worth it. Please don't look at our projects and do the whole "social media I am the worst woman in the whole world thing. Why can't I redo my house in 7 days!! I hate me!!"

No you're not. You probably feed, bathe and keep your kids alive. Or, work all day or anything else. If so, you're amazing.

The reality is, while one of our projects is getting done, some place else in our house is getting torn apart, laundry is not getting done, dishes are piling up and pizza is being served, yet again.  My pictures, only tell one part of the story, don't let your imagination fill in the rest with fiction. Each of us is unique. Each of us has talents. Your talents, that I don't have, don't define me, anymore than mine define you.

That's also not to say that I am amazing at DIYing. I am not. We look online, steal someone else's awesome talent that we admire and are grateful for their creativity that has inspired us! So grateful we each came with different talents and so grateful for what I have learned from you!

Happy Decorating-