Thursday, April 13, 2017

Green with Envy

Pantone color of the year: Greenery

Green is the color of Spring. It's also the color of a seasick shipmate. So, how do we know which green to use when decorating and picking color?

Pantone has just made that decision a whole lot easier with their color of the year.

I've been inspired by Douglas Elliman Florida to share my thoughts on the best ways to utilize this color shade in any home. 

Pair Greenery with a beautiful off white or use it to accent a rich colored wall. I love how the boxwood wreath makes our DIY fireplace pop. It's the perfect color against the Peppercorn background. 

There's something about the color green that makes one feel alive. Just like Spring, it brings with it a feeling of renewal. Used correctly, green can feel like a breath of fresh air. It's just the color to make us feel a bit more grounded-a feeling, I'm guessing, we could each use a lot more of. 

Add a little Green

Monday, April 10, 2017

Master Bedroom

When we bought this house, it had no bedrooms on the main floor. Instead, it was two large living rooms, with a kitchen in the middle that separates the two. Since we didn't need two living rooms and I didn't want to sleep in the basement, I wanted to add a master bedroom upstairs. 


This is a picture from the kitchen, of the living room that we transformed into our master bedroom, with a soon to be walk-in-closet and master bath. 

Another picture from the kitchen looking into the living room.

In order to make our master, we needed to add a couple of walls. We needed to add a long "bedroom" wall which would go from the edge of the wall next to the microwave to the edge of the fireplace. 

And yes, we did sleep next to the kitchen in the living room for months. It made it really convenient when we wanted a midnight snack. Once, while I was watching a show on the laptop, my husband slid a root beer float to me across the counter top. It was awesome. Not as awesome as having a finished bedroom, but when he also made nachos and slid them to me, it definitely made it a close second.

Looking from the soon to be bedroom out toward the kitchen. 

This is a view from inside what would become our bedroom. On the left side of the above picture is the edge of the fireplace. The rest of that mustard wall will become the master bath eventually. Next to it, will be the walk in closet on the right side. It will start where there is no wall. On the below picture, everything that has no wall and is open, will become the master closet. In order to create, this we will need to tear out the kitchen. So, we are waiting until we redo the kitchen to do the closet. It's the whole, "If you give a mouse a cookie thing". 

Here is a better view from the kitchen of where the bathroom will be. This is also a great "before" view of the fireplace.

First we added the 2 x 4's. We put one on the floor, nailed it down and then one on the ceiling. Then we spaced the vertical 2 x4's every 16 inches. This is super easy and a pretty quick job, not to mention really cheap. If your husband does it while you sit and watch, then it's super easy. 
It was under $50.00. This soon to be wall would be the side of the bathroom and walk in closet.

 Here is the view from inside the bedroom looking into the kitchen. You can see on the left side of the picture, that we also started to demo the soon to be bathroom. Sorry for the picture quality. After putting up all the studs, my husband added the doors and drywall. This wall, met up with the other wall that faced the kitchen.

My job was to mud and tape. I am not a perfectionist, but it wasn't too bad. I had to let it dry, sand then add a few more coats before sanding a final time. If you are a perfectionist, you will not love this job. I had to be OK with a little bit of uneven coverage on a few small spots. Which I was. Now that it is all done, you would never notice. 

Next I painted the room with a good primer. The door on the left leads to the master bath The one on the right, to the master closet. Notice how you can't tell that there are some uneven spots. Consider that that cost me about $15.00 and it would have been at least $500.00 to have a pro do it. 

A view of the great windows in our soon to be bedroom. The room needed not only paint, but some simple board and batten to make it pop. So we decided to try it. First we decided to paint. Because I knew the board and batten would be white, and 3/4's of the room would be white, I knew we could go bold on the rest of the room. We decided to do a great Benjamin Moore color "Peppercorn" for the rest of the wall. The result was amazing!!! I love the color and it works so well with the white. In the picture below, I am painting it on the top of the wall.
Yes, I paint while standing on my bed without it covered. I told you I am not a perfectionist. That get's me in trouble a lot. Yes, I dripped on the head board. Yes, it came out. Breath deeply all you type A's. It's OK. 😨

Remember this before of the fireplace, cause I am about to blow your mind.

Here's that great color, with the white on the bottom before we added the wood to the walls and the crown molding.
Hello light in my dark room. Did we add light? No, no we did not. Just brightened up the paint.

It's nice when you don't have to worry about painting perfect lines, because you know the wood will cover your lines. Makes for an easy paint job. As you can see, we haven't added the walk in closet yet.

This is my handsome husband hanging the crown molding that he figured out himself. He also added the trim around the two doors as well as new baseboards. He's awesome. He's also a perfectionist. My mom jokes that I get the job done super quick and then he comes behind me and cleans it all up. We're a good team.

Here he is attaching furring strips to the fireplace in order to hang drywall later to cover it. If you can't tell, he is also putting out the vibe. Sometimes he is funny. Not like me, but close.  

Furring strips done.
Now to attach the dry wall to the strips. 
Make sure your drywall can handle the heat of your fireplace.

We jumped between hanging the wood on the walls and doing the fireplace. On the right of the below picture, we have begun to hang the board and batten. This is a pretty easy task Considering most of your cuts are the same height.

Below we have the fireplace pre-paint. This is after we have the drywall up and some wood accent pieces. I am very proud of this because I did it myself while the husband was at work and while baby napped. I am terrible at math, so I was extra proud that my measurements were correct. For the bottom, I used our old baseboards. My design centered on me not wanting to caulk or mud and tape the fireplace. Super technical, I know. You just toss the wood up where ever there are cracks in your drywall. 

More Board and Batten pictures

I love love love how this window turned out-you can tell by my reflection in it. Either that or I am channeling my 7th grade dance picture.

Caulking and painting always falls to me, but that's OK. It takes awhile, but so worth the end result.

Below: The baby had just woken up, which meant my work time was done. My husband, Travis finished up the crown molding while baby and I measured for him. It's Summer time and super hot in the picture. For all you wondering if my baby is freezing, look at his legs, of course he's not freezing.  


WHAT??? Wait, I thought this was your living room!! Oh, it was, but now it's a master bedroom. Boom!

Love love love this color!  Love the fireplace. We need to make a mantel, but for now, the brick is just fine. 

 I love adding the pop of green with a live boxwood wreath. A variety of brightly bound books from the thrift store at $1 a piece adds more great color to the backdrop. Add some family pictures, a gold initial for your last name and some fun cheap decor items to prop up your books and you're set.

Hold on, who did the woodwork on the fireplace again??? Oh, yah, I forgot, that was me, mother of four, rejected writer, wearer of jammies, eater of chocolate. Yes, yes I did. OK Travis helped with the squares on the top half and he did the crown molding on the top, but we aren't talking about him right now. Focus on the bottom people. That was all me.

I know you weren't expecting this goodness. I have to mention that the light and the skylight will be changed some day. 
The dresser was given to us. It wasn't my favorite originally, but I love the gold handles with the paint color.

The rug I already had (Home Decorators). The small couch was from the Overstock outlet store and was $175. The pillows are target. The small table by the couch was TJ Maxx for $30.00. Bedspread was Downeast for $50.00.  I made the pillows on the bed and the headboard. Curtains were Kohls at about $10 a piece. Curtain rods are Home Depot, under $40 for all of them. 

Doors leading to bathroom and closet. . .eventually. 

The fireplace was really cheap. It cost around $60.00

 I am so thrilled with how this bedroom turned out. It seems like a ton of work, but it was actually a pretty quick project, one that you could do in a few days. It wasn't bad at all and really pretty inexpensive for all we got. For paint, walls, drywall, wood work, fireplace, doors, knobs, curtains, curtain rods, TV mount, a few inexpensive decorations, and baseboards, we were around $550. Not to bad, considering we just added another bedroom to the house. Next time you are picking a color, pair a white with an awesome dark, rich blue like "Peppercorn". You won't be disappointed.

Happy decorating-