Friday, August 5, 2016

Moving again. . .

So, we bought our last home and I thought it was our forever home, but my husband got a new job and we wanted to be closer to his work, plus we had another baby and quickly outgrew that cute rambler. We loved it though and were sad to leave after all the work we did to it ourselves.

Here is our listing on Youtube  if you want to see what we did. 90% of the furniture we either refinished, recovered, or bought for crazy cheap at salvage stores. We make some of our headboards too. We do the woodwork, the floors, created the apartment, created a kitchen for under $200, and more.

It sold the day we listed it and we've since moved into another darling fixer upper. I have now decided - so that I have a record of what we are doing - I am going to blog about each room we do and show before and after pictures as well as how to's and give prices. In hopes that other's will create their own dream homes, when they didn't think they could,because of money, time or know-how.

I am a firm believer that most of us can do most anything. So, when I go to people's houses and they haven't hung pictures or painted a wall because their husband hasn't gotten around to it or they can't afford to hire it I say, "You do it!" and I'm always happy to show anyone how.

One disclaimer though. I am not a perfectionist and I don't mind experimenting. So my rooms, do not at all look perfect, but that's fine with me. It's worth the trade off in cost to me.

I am a busy mom or four and I get the same question all the time.

"How do you have the time to do this?"

Well, I do it during naps or my kids help or at night. I never do more that a few hours a day and I don't do it everyday.

My kids learned how to lay wood floors this month because I made each of them do some work in each of their future bedrooms. They loved it and became good at it.

We do things for cheap. When I say cheap, it's legitimate. We have now almost completed three rooms and are just over $1000.00

It's crazy how much you can save doing it yourself.  You also feel like the coolest person in the world when you look back and realize you did something that awesome, for that cheap and yourself!

 So I hope you enjoy our second fixer upper.


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