Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I know I post about our podcasts quite a bit, but if there is any show I'd recommend listening to, it's this one. Addiction has become so pervasive. So has hiding them. It was our goal to do what we could to stop the hiding, by having an open discussion about addiction. More importantly, to show through personal stories of loved ones and friends that there is always hope; that it is absolutely possible to overcome even the deepest and darkest addictions.

Does someone close to... you suffer from an addiction? Do you want to know how you can help and show love without judgement? Our TLR addiction show focusses on hoping, healing, and supporting loved ones through the challenges of addiction. Our discussion, although candid, is hopeful and faith-promoting. We encourage anyone affected by addiction to seek the needed help from a caring professional. There is always help. There is always hope. http://toginet.com/shows/thelivingroom

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Begin Again

For our podcast show today we did a show called "Make it Happen." The show is filled with great ideas of how you can make it happen and our Make it Happen ideas or challenges. Whatever your "it" is, do it in 2016. You can catch the show by clicking on my sidebar.

Part of our Making it Happen for 2016 is a new campaign that we are doing all month long where we feature our most poignant "Begin Again" stories. I shared a very personal one of mine that is my biggest begin again moment so far in my life and a time I will be forever grateful that I choose to begin again.


. You can read it here.

My most pivotal begin again time in my life would have to be when my husband and I went through about six years of financial difficulty and as most of us know or have heard, financial difficulty in marriage = marriage difficulty. Such was the case with us. There were many points if I wondered if I had married the right person and many points where he wondered the same thing. We both became consumed in our own suffering that we stopped becoming a team and slowly began to drift apart. The scary thing was that, there wasn't any big fighting or anything like that. We just stopped communicating beyond anything surfacey. I'd come home and go to the bedroom to read while he'd watch TV in another room. We barely spoke. Even writing this makes me tear up as I realize how easy it can be to let the most important thing in your life slip away. There were many times I would wish that he'd just leave me or we could divorce, convinced that our marriage was not only a huge mistake, but that we were just way too different and we'd never realized it before.
What I had forgotten.