Thursday, August 6, 2015

An Oldest Child

The other day I bought an emergency preparedness 72 hour backpack. My 6-year-old daughter asked what it was for. Not wanting to scare her, I told her it was for small emergencies, like if she scraped her knee or if we needed to go somewhere quickly.
At that point my 8-year-old son jumped in, “Or, if there is a huge earthquake and our house topples down or a fire and it burns down.”
I told my son to stop talking as my daughter ran over to the couch, fingers plugging her ears and her face buried in the cushions.
“Nice. Cam.” I told him. “You scared her to death.”
“Well it’s true, Mom.” Cameron told me.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Once I was a Beehive Movie Event

Hi everyone! We get the privilege of guest hosting the "Once I Aas A Beehive movie event." Get your tickets, bring your kids and come join me. Thursday night in Sandy at Jordan Commons and Friday night in Orem Cinemark University Mall 7pm. My friend and co- Living Room host said it was darling. She said she was surprised how it touched her heart and made her laugh. Love to see you there! The director for this movie was in the "Saratov Approach" (one of the Elders) and he has done a wonderful job! Love to support an uplifting movie!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Post-it Notes from God

This is my favorite show that we recorded so far. I love hearing peoples stories of the hand of God in their lives, especially during times when they thought perhaps he wasn't listening. We have all had moments like this - difficult times when Heavenly Father leaves us a "post-it note."
I would love to hear your experiences and feedback on today's show.
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