Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Latest article. How 2 boys taught me not to assume the worst.


I found it so interesting when I read the comments (which I rarely do. It's sad, but most of the time people pick out the negative and comment about that. Thank you to all of you - that see the truth.)

People said I didn't do enough for those two kids. They are right. Truly how could I do enough for them?

However they did the very thing that I had done. They assumed.

I did talk to those boys and I did apologize and thank them. In fact I say that earlier in my story. I simply did not go into details choosing instead to focus on what I had done wrong so that other's could perhaps learn from my mistake.

I really appreciated a girl that commented that as a mother she could understand that situation, that every kid gets away from us at some point. What is sad to me is when we read about stories of people who accidentally leave a child in the car or accidentally run over a child or any other genuine accident that is horrific and people take the opportunity to pounce on those people. Letting them know how horrible they are-as if they don't already believe that about themselves. As if they will ever ever be normal again. As if any cruel, judgmental and ignorant thing said in hate will "teach them a lesson". As if they haven't suffered enough - we decide to inflict more damage and pain. I hope I am never ever among that group who mis-judges a person who has gone through such a heartache. I hope I am never among the group that suffers that heartache. I hope I am someone that does not assume and I hope that when I do wrongfully assume the person I have wronged will forgive me.


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