Thursday, January 29, 2015

Re-upholstered-no sew chairs

So when we bought our house, I knew that we would need furniture, but that we would be house poor. 

My solution was to buy some wing back chairs at the D.I. (It's like a Saver's or a store where people donate their used stuff.) I bought two chairs and spent $35.00 on the pair. They sat in my garage for awhile until we decided that we were done updating the house for this year. 

I pulled them out and bought some fabric for $85. That was a great deal at $7 dollars a yard. I bought about 12 yards and had some leftover. 

My sister had covered a couple of wing back chairs which she has featured on her blog. (A link to her blog is on my side bar.) I was super nervous because I am not a perfectionist and I didn't know what in the world I was doing. I tried watching a couple tutorials on the internet, but gave up and just dove in and figured it out as I went after my sister encouraged me too. It was trial and error, but seriously not bad at all (two days work) and super worth it!!! 

 I started by covering the "wings. I just tucked the fabric into the crevice and found some wood in there to staple it too. It's a lot easier with two people so one person can push the cushion down why the other staples the fabric. You have to get pretty deep in there.
 Then I just pulled the fabric tight behind the wings and stapled it anywhere there was wood framing.
 The top picture shows the side with the exposed staples.
 The wings looked good so I kept on going. I did the arms next. I stapled the fabric deep underneath the arms so the staples were hidden and again tucked and staples the inside part.
 The front I covered and stapled to the bottom and the edges.
 My fabric is kind of busy and I was glad, because it hid a couple of staples I had to staple on the outside.
 Not the most flattering pictures. Why you ask am I in workout clothes to re-upholster the chair?
1-Because I am always in workout clothes. It gives the illusion that I work out even when I don't. and
2- I was sweating as if I had worked out after doing the chairs. Sweat = workout in my book so yeah I worked out.

This picture shows the "seams" I created by hiding the staples.
 So I'm sorry we didn't take more pictures of the process, but you get the idea-really you probably don't, but I didn't either and look at these awesome chairs I covered. So I guess embrace your ADHD impatience, and non perfectionism and dig in. So here is the finished product. The toughest part is once you have all the exposed staples,  you then have to cover them with fabric. So you staple the underside of the fabric for the back of the chair and then fold the fabric down which creates a line and consequently a "seam." You do that on all the flat sides.
 BOOM! Yep, that just happened. Two awesome chairs for $75 a piece. I had a girl in my neighborhood sew the cushions-which she did for $20 a piece. I wasn't about to ruin the chairs I had made by trying to sew some cushions. Anyway not bad. So glad that there are creative and crafty woman out there who think up the ideas and let us copy them!! Yay plagiarism!!
 So once I had the chairs I of course wanted a side table. It's the whole if you give a mouse a cookie thing. I again was cheap and didn't want to spend more than $50. Which is what I ended up spending on this bad boy. The table top was a Pottery barn side table that was broken that I got at their salvage store and the bottom is a bar stool that the top was broken off of. I saw the two and thought maybe I could put them together and make a side table. By "me" I meant my husband. Which he did. He's awesome. He hates it BTW. That's how I knew it was good.
 Here is a look at the underside of the table. The barstool part.
 I will try to find some before pictures of our fireplace because that is a crazy transformation. The lanterns I got at the same salvage store as the chairs. They were ten dollars a piece. They were rusted and ugly orange so I spray painted them black and that was that. The dining room table is in there temporarily, but I actually think it's fine. Now when I scrounge up a few more bucks I will set out to decorate the mantel and the other side of this room. It's coming together.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Latest article. How 2 boys taught me not to assume the worst.


I found it so interesting when I read the comments (which I rarely do. It's sad, but most of the time people pick out the negative and comment about that. Thank you to all of you - that see the truth.)

People said I didn't do enough for those two kids. They are right. Truly how could I do enough for them?

However they did the very thing that I had done. They assumed.

I did talk to those boys and I did apologize and thank them. In fact I say that earlier in my story. I simply did not go into details choosing instead to focus on what I had done wrong so that other's could perhaps learn from my mistake.

I really appreciated a girl that commented that as a mother she could understand that situation, that every kid gets away from us at some point. What is sad to me is when we read about stories of people who accidentally leave a child in the car or accidentally run over a child or any other genuine accident that is horrific and people take the opportunity to pounce on those people. Letting them know how horrible they are-as if they don't already believe that about themselves. As if they will ever ever be normal again. As if any cruel, judgmental and ignorant thing said in hate will "teach them a lesson". As if they haven't suffered enough - we decide to inflict more damage and pain. I hope I am never ever among that group who mis-judges a person who has gone through such a heartache. I hope I am never among the group that suffers that heartache. I hope I am someone that does not assume and I hope that when I do wrongfully assume the person I have wronged will forgive me.