Sunday, October 5, 2014

Updates on our house updates.

 I bought this light from the D.I for $15.00. I debated about it for a long time. I'm not sure why. I saw that a girl had painted a similar one to this black, so I decided to try it.

It took a while to tape it so that I could spray paint it.

We had a hole in the ceiling above the dining room table. I bought the round disc from Lowes and we hung the light. Turned out to be a great idea. Not bad for a 15 dollar light. 
Here is a couple other D.I finds. I wanted two chairs for my boys rooms. They were 6 dollars a piece. I let them pick out some fabric. I let my older boy paint his too.

 I stressed a bit letting him paint it, but figured it was about a ten dollar chair for all the supplies. It turned out cute and I'm glad I let him do it. He helped me staple on the fabric too.
 This is the two-year -olds chair. I used spray paint which looks a lot better than the regular paint we used on the blue chair, but since I already had that paint leftover, we used it.

Super easy, super cheap, super cute. I love projects like that.

 This is my two-year-old -Edisons room. It was used as a dining room before we bought the house. I took the wallpaper down and added some wood work to the lower half of the wall.

 The wall with the closet to the door-we added to make it a bedroom.

 My sister-in-law and I did the wood work on the bottom. I was so grateful to have her help. It's easier with two and always a good idea to have someone check my math.
 Mostly finished project. I will still do some more decorating, but it's great for now. Those cute old car pictures, were pictures we found in my Mother in law's basement. They were given to her husband as a gift. Since my Father in law has passed on, it's neat to have something of his to display in our son's room. The lamp was D.I for $3. I made the curtains and the dresser we got off of KSL for $40. My sister gave me the rug for doing some work for her and the airplane boy picture I got for under $20. This room ended up being a great value! This room was fun to finish. It took me awhile to get to it and my son was so excited when he learned it was his room. He kept jumping up and down and pointing at items and saying. Dat's Eddies?!!! Dat's mine??!! It was cute.

You can look back at my other remodel post to see what this basement looked like before it was an apartment. The apartment was our biggest project and we are beyond thrilled that it is done and we have a darling couple renting it!
This is their front door. I painted it black and it added a lot.
 The bathroom is on the right. We didn't have to do much in here. I painted the walls white and the cabinets grey. I found some great tile remnants on KSL for $40.00 so we did the floor.
 We had to build a kitchen from scratch. That was crazy! My husband was amazing. I bought these cupboards on KSL for 100 dollars. We used what we could and then my he built boxes to make them work. My oldest son loved tiling with me and did a great job.

We added a great laminate grey floor that we got for only $1.37 a square foot! It turned out darling. We loved it so much we decided to do it upstairs in our portion of the house. I painted the cupboards and for $120 we had cabinets and a back splash. Not bad at all.

This is the dining room area. I painted the existing cupboards white and spray painted the existing hardware.

This is their master bedroom. 

The other room they are using as a closet. So glad it's done and they are here!!

 This is the upstairs living room. It is still a work in progress. But here is the progress. :)

 I'll paint the front door black eventually and we will finish that grid wall eventually too, but it's getting there.
The kitchen will eventually be re-done, but for now we just painted and added the new floor. That's the old light that you can see hanging. The light that I replaced with the D.I. find.

Our kitchen dining room before the floor.

I need to take some more updated pictures of this room ,but for now this is what I had on the camera. This room we decided to use as a playroom/office area. We added that same grey floor as the kitchen and downstairs.

I painted the entire room white in place of the yellow and it brightened it right up!

 I found these "benches" at downeast home outlet. They are actually the drawer/dresser things that go under king sized beds. They didn't have the drawers in them so the guy gave them to me for 65 dollars for both. I made cushions for the tops of them and called them bench seats. They are the perfect size for my kids. The underneath area I am using for kids storage (toys, legos, books, activities).
My favorite thing about this room is the door. I need to find a before picture. It was a cream colored door. The black paint added a ton! I love this room. The shelves I made from a piece of barn wood that the previous owners used as paneling in the basement. I bought the hardware for $4 bucks a piece and had instant shelves. 

I will get the other pictures loaded on here, hopefully soon. It's getting there. We are so lucky to have a home.