Friday, April 25, 2014

Still going . . .

 So here is the new wall in the living room and the new kitchen opening after it's been mud and taped ($250 is what we paid to hire it out-so worth it!!)
 I saw this color on pintrest and loved it! It's called "Stone" and has a bit of a plum undertone that I love.
 After we painted, my daughter and I decided to stencil the painted walls. We bought a metallic glaze in pewter.
 The stencil is a Moroccan design. I borrowed it from my sister. It was super easy to use and very forgiving since the paint is metallic and light. I made a billion mistakes that don't show unless you're really looking. It was pretty quick and pretty easy. You just roll the paint over the stencil, match it up to the next part and do it again.
 I even let my daughter do it and she loved it.
 And now for the finished product. Love love love this!! All in all it cost about 40 bucks with paint and the pewter glaze and was a day project. Not to bad. I did three of the fours walls. The last wall will remain white with wood wainscoting on the walls. I can't wait for that project. We will also add baseboards and wood around the kitchen opening. And as you can see, I did this project without being fully moved it. It's still somewhat of a mess, but so am I. I don't do things in order. :)


  1. Kate, I miss you! Your home is beautiful! I hope you are doing well, and love the area. You'll have to invite to a open house once you are finished. You have so much energy my goodness girl!

  2. Can you tell me what paint and stencil you used. This is exactly what I want to do in my bedroom!

  3. I used the color "Stone" it's a Benjamin Moore color for the walls. Lowes sells the "metal and patina glaze". I think it's a Valspar color. It comes in a small bottle with a twist cap. It's an iridescent kind of look. I used metallic silver, but it comes in gold and white too. The stencil I borrowed from someone, but if you google, "Moroccan stencil." They all look roughly the same.