Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Framing and Sanding

Travis and I have the best families. We both had to work Saturday afternoon and evening. We had gone to the house in the morning and sanded the floors along with his brother and then my brothers showed up to help us frame. They ended up staying until 9 that night, despite Travis and I both not being there and finishing the entire framing job! They did a killer job too. Such a huge blessing for us!!

They framed this room in such a way that we can use it for another bedroom! We thought it would have to be a closet. What an awesome surprise!

 They somehow managed to cut out a big block of cement from the floor. It even had metal woven in it. You can see the lighter line on the floor where it once was. They also framed the top area. Soon it will be an L-shaped kitchen.
 They swapped this wall and moved the door to the other side, making room for future appliances against that wall.
 This I am super excited about. The floors are all sanded!! That part I did do.
 Here's Trav with the drum sander. Everyone said this job would be horrid. I would do it again in a heart beat! Super easy. Only took three hours total to do. Two bedrooms, a hall and a living room. Not bad at all.

This is what it looked like after. So excited!! Gorgeous!
My brothers framed in what was the dining room to create another bedroom for our kids. It looks great! My sister-in-law and I did the wood filler yesterday. Super, super easy and super fast. I can do a room in about 20-30 minutes. You scrape the filler over the entire floor and then sand it off when it's dry. I loved doing it! Now it's just one more time of lightly sanding to take the filler off. Then it's on to staining!! Super excited.

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  1. Looks great. Can't wAit to see the finished product.