Tuesday, March 11, 2014


We just closed on our new (old) house. We are super excited. This is the second time we have owned a home. Our first home-we built. This home was built in 1966. It has so much character and charm.

I have wanted to start blogging ever since we have closed to show everything we are doing.

So here is the deal. Our budget is very very small, buy I am excited. I have decided to see how much we can do for how little.

We are starting out with a budget of 2500 dollars. We have a lot of things that need to be done right now so it's going to be tricky.

First off, this house has a basement apt. that needs some adjustments so that we can rent it. (Another one of our ideas to save money)

Secondly, this house has awesome wood floors that were hiding beneath the mauve carpet upstairs, that we will be refinishing. So those are the two projects we are conquering for now.

I have gone through and taken some before and afters and I want to share them with you guys since this is what will be occupying most of my time for awhile.

The other big deal with this project is that my husband is gone with work 24/7. He is an accountant so a lot of this has fallen to me. I have had help from family which I am so grateful for, but I have also learned that as women we really can do a lot of things ourselves. . .like use a sawzall, tear down walls, rip up carpet, and haul it all away. I've never been a good one with patience and I don't have the luxury of waiting for my husband to come and do it. So here's the results.


This closet with the glass shelves was removed.

Red Oak floors yeah! 

 Taking out the closet to open the kitchen up and create a bigger hallway when we close off the dining room-which we will use for another bedroom.
 We were debating whether or not to take out this wall. I ended the debate by putting a sledge hammer through it.
Not a great picture, but love love that we decided to take out the closet and open this wall up. Thanks to my brother for doing the hardest part!


I wish I had taken a before picture. This is a mini bar that we will be turning into a kitchen. My teen nephews loved doing the demolition.
 The previous owners had built a shop in the basement. We will turn this room into a bedroom for future renters.
 The other shop that is next to it. This will become a walk-in closet of sorts.
 My husbands brother came today and did most of the demolition with me. Thank goodness for him! There was no way I was getting that wood out by myself. There is a fireplace beneath all of that wood on that back wall. Also that wall in the middle of the room is in the middle of a window. It has to go as well.

Wall down and fireplace exposed! We will now re-frame the wall so it doesn't cut the window in half.

So far we have spent about $50. But tearing down is cheap. It will be the building back up that's going to cost us. Now I am on a mission to find free and very cheap items. We will be re-using the "shop" wood to frame the upstairs bedroom and to put up the wall downstairs. We also saved the doors where we could. I'm going to try and sell some of the cool "barn" looking wood on the walls as well.

MONEY SPENT SO FAR $50.00 -blades for the sawsall, masks, eye protection and dump runs. 


  1. Kate, you are amazing to tackle such a big project. Where is this new home located?

  2. We remodeled our last house, and we were on a tight budget as well so I understand. Definitely sell the doors! We sold ours, but my husband cared more about getting them off of his hands than making a profit, so we ended up not charging as much as we should have. honestly, sell them for at least $100 each. we sold ours for something like $30 each and they sold instantly and people were so shocked at the price. My in-laws didn't believe me that they were worth so much, but it is so trendy right now to do cool things with old doors. The other advice is to look on craigslist for items, because people do remodel projects and then have left overs that they sell for great discounts. Also, if you ever do your kitchen, look around at different businesses for floor models. My mother-in-law decided that we needed to remodel our kitchen, and went and bought beautiful cabinets for $1,000 that were top of the line, that were a floor model. The problem was, we couldn't afford to remodel the kitchen because it would have involved removing an outer wall... so she thought she was doing us this great service by buying the cabinets (that we were supposed to reimburse her for) for so cheap, but the fact was that it would have cost us more to do the kitchen than what we could do or what the house was worth. and we were moving--so really not worth it. They ended up putting them in their kitchen and they look beautiful. Good luck with the projects! My husband is an accountant as well, and I understand about the patience and wanting to simply get what you can done, especially while you are motivated to do it :)

  3. Kate!! You are awesome! Way to go! I am so happy to hear about all of this here . . . I am so happy for you that you are able to finally move forward on this and that you have so much help from your family. Yeah!!