Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Staining and finishing the floors and putting up drywall.

 Drywall went up Saturday.

And my favorite part-Staining. The stain I bought ended up being darker than it showed in the picture. I had a lambswool applicator I started to apply it with, but it went on too thick so my brother in Law Mark and I ditched it and went to plain old rags.
I was tempted for a little bit to keep the wood natural, because it's so gorgeous and I love the grain, but once we stained it I was so glad we did.

Mark is my husbands older brother. He is a perfectionist and together with my speed (I am not) and his following behind me to clean up my messes, we made an awesome team. By the end he was spotless. I had gotten stain on the doors, walls and all over me. Say what you will about being a perfectionist, but all I know is that it takes me one hour to do what it takes you to do in four. haha. However the other three I spend cleaning up my messes!
So here is the floor once we finished staining it. It probably took us and hour and a half to do two bedrooms, a hall and the living room. Not too bad.

And now for the end result. I came back to the house three different times and did the Polyurethane coats. I buffed before I did the last coat and am so glad I did, however know that if you are ever planning on doing this and want to buff your floors-that buffer is not meant for a woman--anyone under 200 pounds really. That thing tossed me around like a rag doll. I literally would turn it on and then slide all the way across the floor until I slammed into the walls. It would have been hilarious on video-- too bad I was all alone. I did somehow manage to buff it all though. It was super quick too probably because it has a devil inside of it and the possessed thing just went where it wanted to go with me dragging behind it.

I started out with the semi-gloss, but ended up going to gloss for the end coat. So so glad I did. Love the shine!!

OK so now the best part. We were quoted $4,000.00 to do the floors. I was also told by multiple people it is terrible to do and not to attempt it.

To rent all the equipment, sandpaper, supplies, stain, polyurethane and everything else you'd need to do this project we ended up paying out under $500.00!! Just to give you an idea, that's the same price I paid for laminate flooring and pad in our bedroom alone and that was for laminate!

So end result. I did not think it was bad at all. Literally one of the easier projects I have ever taken on. I would do it again. It's not even that time consuming either. I think one could do this project in two days total.

I'm thrilled with the end result and so proud if I do say so myself! For $500.00 to get something like that-that is fantastic!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Framing and Sanding

Travis and I have the best families. We both had to work Saturday afternoon and evening. We had gone to the house in the morning and sanded the floors along with his brother and then my brothers showed up to help us frame. They ended up staying until 9 that night, despite Travis and I both not being there and finishing the entire framing job! They did a killer job too. Such a huge blessing for us!!

They framed this room in such a way that we can use it for another bedroom! We thought it would have to be a closet. What an awesome surprise!

 They somehow managed to cut out a big block of cement from the floor. It even had metal woven in it. You can see the lighter line on the floor where it once was. They also framed the top area. Soon it will be an L-shaped kitchen.
 They swapped this wall and moved the door to the other side, making room for future appliances against that wall.
 This I am super excited about. The floors are all sanded!! That part I did do.
 Here's Trav with the drum sander. Everyone said this job would be horrid. I would do it again in a heart beat! Super easy. Only took three hours total to do. Two bedrooms, a hall and a living room. Not bad at all.

This is what it looked like after. So excited!! Gorgeous!
My brothers framed in what was the dining room to create another bedroom for our kids. It looks great! My sister-in-law and I did the wood filler yesterday. Super, super easy and super fast. I can do a room in about 20-30 minutes. You scrape the filler over the entire floor and then sand it off when it's dry. I loved doing it! Now it's just one more time of lightly sanding to take the filler off. Then it's on to staining!! Super excited.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


We just closed on our new (old) house. We are super excited. This is the second time we have owned a home. Our first home-we built. This home was built in 1966. It has so much character and charm.

I have wanted to start blogging ever since we have closed to show everything we are doing.

So here is the deal. Our budget is very very small, buy I am excited. I have decided to see how much we can do for how little.

We are starting out with a budget of 2500 dollars. We have a lot of things that need to be done right now so it's going to be tricky.

First off, this house has a basement apt. that needs some adjustments so that we can rent it. (Another one of our ideas to save money)

Secondly, this house has awesome wood floors that were hiding beneath the mauve carpet upstairs, that we will be refinishing. So those are the two projects we are conquering for now.

I have gone through and taken some before and afters and I want to share them with you guys since this is what will be occupying most of my time for awhile.

The other big deal with this project is that my husband is gone with work 24/7. He is an accountant so a lot of this has fallen to me. I have had help from family which I am so grateful for, but I have also learned that as women we really can do a lot of things ourselves. . .like use a sawzall, tear down walls, rip up carpet, and haul it all away. I've never been a good one with patience and I don't have the luxury of waiting for my husband to come and do it. So here's the results.


This closet with the glass shelves was removed.

Red Oak floors yeah! 

 Taking out the closet to open the kitchen up and create a bigger hallway when we close off the dining room-which we will use for another bedroom.
 We were debating whether or not to take out this wall. I ended the debate by putting a sledge hammer through it.
Not a great picture, but love love that we decided to take out the closet and open this wall up. Thanks to my brother for doing the hardest part!


I wish I had taken a before picture. This is a mini bar that we will be turning into a kitchen. My teen nephews loved doing the demolition.
 The previous owners had built a shop in the basement. We will turn this room into a bedroom for future renters.
 The other shop that is next to it. This will become a walk-in closet of sorts.
 My husbands brother came today and did most of the demolition with me. Thank goodness for him! There was no way I was getting that wood out by myself. There is a fireplace beneath all of that wood on that back wall. Also that wall in the middle of the room is in the middle of a window. It has to go as well.

Wall down and fireplace exposed! We will now re-frame the wall so it doesn't cut the window in half.

So far we have spent about $50. But tearing down is cheap. It will be the building back up that's going to cost us. Now I am on a mission to find free and very cheap items. We will be re-using the "shop" wood to frame the upstairs bedroom and to put up the wall downstairs. We also saved the doors where we could. I'm going to try and sell some of the cool "barn" looking wood on the walls as well.

MONEY SPENT SO FAR $50.00 -blades for the sawsall, masks, eye protection and dump runs.