Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nice Mommy

My six year old got in trouble the other day for making us late and missing my daughters dance performance. I had warned him a million times that I would leave him if he didn't come immediately (obviously I wouldn't do that, but I had to threaten it). He is notorious for making us late. I told him I was going to be very very angry if we missed it.

We ended up missing it and consequently he was punished. He was very emotional especially because he felt terrible for missing his sisters recital. He has a huge heart and I usually have to assure him that even if I punish him I will always still love him. I was doing just that before he went to bed that night. He had tears in his eyes as he hugged me and then asked, "Mommy did you ever do something like that when you were little and make everyone miss something important?"

I responded, "I might have, but probably not, because my mom would've just left me."

His eyes got huge. "Like really left you?"

I nodded. "Yep. I had to walk home many times if I wasn't right where she told me to meet her and right on time. . .and if we didn't come right when she called us, she left us. . .and we never ever got a second chance."

His eyes were still big as I continued, "But you know what that taught me?"

Cameron shook his head.

"It taught me to be on time, to listen to my mom and obey her the first time that she asked. It taught me to be responsible."

Cameron gave me a huge hug. "Do you forgive me mommy?"

I hugged him back. "Of course I do bud, but that still means that you are punished OK? There will always be a consequence for choices we make."

Cameron nodded. "I love you mom. I'm so glad that I have a nice mommy. . . who doesn't do really mean stuff to me. . . like your mommy did. I'm so glad that my mommy loves me."

I burst out laughing and he asked me why.

I told him that my mommy was his Grandma Rose-who he loves.

Cameron's eyes went wide and then he started giggle. 

When I told my mom she started laughing hysterically.

Now I'm wondering if I am too nice. :)


  1. My dad totally left us all of the time, and we would have to walk home even if it was quite a distance. Once he even left the scouts at scout camp because they wouldn't stop fooling around and get their stuff packed into the vehicle; another leader had to drive up and get them... that made a lot of people upset at him, but he was okay with that. I guess I'm "too nice" also, I couldn't leave my kids even if maybe it would teach them to come the first time I call... I guess my approach is that I want them to learn responsibility, but also that I would never leave them--in any circumstance in life, so they can count on me and know that my love is unconditional. Like you, I just choose different consequences than what my parents chose for us.

  2. Hahaha! I love this... and your super mean mom!

  3. Love this! Especially because I know how amazing your Mom is and how strong a woman of that capacity would of necessity become. I honor her completely and LOVE her zany ways!... especially when she parented me too! :)