Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Never have your mom do your homework for you.

My ten-year-old niece was in tears the other day because she hadn't gotten the score that she wanted from her online writing assignment. The students are given a score from 0-20. These writing assignments, just a few years ago, were given to kids in 6th grade. Now kids in third grade (like my niece) are having to do them.

These writing assignments are graded by the computer system and my sister's other daughters soon discovered that the bigger the words that they used the better the score. Because of that my sister feels that these writing tasks are somewhat ridiculous and a waste of time. Her daughter however, was inconsolable after receiving a 17 on her latest test.

My sister kept trying to tell her daughter that it wasn't a big deal, until finally she told her to go do her other homework and she would re-do the writing test for her. 

My sister finished doing her daughters test and received her score. 

She got a 12.

On the bright side, she may have discovered the best way to get kids to stop asking for help on their homework.

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  1. That is funny and frustrating at the same time. My son is in first grade, and this is our first experience with the core system, and neither my husband (an accountant) nor I (an artist... that is less surprising) can figure out the instructions for his math homework. Not the problems, just the instructions. It is worrisome to think that they have a computer system grading written assignments, that really bothers me and I'm going to take issue with that if we end up facing this in the future as my kids go through the school system.