Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm still here

So I haven't posted in awhile because. . .

A. We just bought a home! Yeah!!
B. The house we're living in right now had a pipe burst and leak all over which caused us to find black mold.

So long story short, the entire kitchen was torn out and we've been displaced for awhile. The good news is, we're starting to put things back together. I have missed writing and I'm so grateful that I'll be picking it up soon. However, I did want to leave another fun little smart phone moment with you.

My sister and her daughter Aubrey came over to help us with the kitchen clean-up. I had to run an errand with the kids and wasn't home when they got there.

My sister sent me a text:  "What an ass. Irene and I can't believe you have to relive this!"

I kept thinking. "Why would she call me that and who's Irene and what am I reliving?"

I called my sister so she could explain. She translated her "smart" phone text for me.

"What a mess! Aubrey and I can't believe you have to live in this!"

If nothing else, at least smart phones are good for a laugh.


  1. You made me laugh and cry this morning. I was so touched by your article on KSL about Summer-I cried reading about this wonderful woman. I was very inspired by your sweet friend and also by your writing. I clicked on your blog and read your smart phone story and got a good laugh. Thanks for the good laugh and cry...and for brightening my day!

  2. My phone is always doing that, pretty funny sometimes! At least it's smart enough to put f*** when that word I hate pops up! Hopefully we can all be smarter than the phone and check before we send! Enjoyed yourKSL story, keep up the good work!