Friday, November 22, 2013

A Half Fast Memoir

You have hopefully enjoyed my crazy family stories that I have related through the years. Now those stories and many others are available in the form of a book.

"A Half Fast Memoir" is live in the Kindle Store and it is available* for readers to purchase here.

You can upload the book to a Kindle or any other device where the FREE kindle App has been downloaded. (IPAD, IPHONE, COMPUTER, ETC.)
I priced the book at $3.99 in hopes that many people could afford it. If you like the book, please tell your friends and family about it and if you wouldn't mind leaving a review on Amazon that would be awesome too! Thank you so much for all of the support and encouragement. I have the greatest group of friends, followers and family. I love you guys and I really hope you enjoy A Half Fast Memoir.


Description of A Half Fast Memoir

"Growing up in a family of twelve, things were at times "Half Fast", but that's when life got hilarious. Half Fast is a collection of bizarre but true stories from my life. Stories like Mom wanting to sacrifice a lamb in our suburban backyard, signing my brother and I up for a pain study and giving me my dead Grandma's tights for Christmas. Also included are my personal bad choices like running a marathon, hypno-birthing, and assaulting myself with my own arm. Whether you are laughing with us or at us, it only matters that you are laughing. Enjoy!"

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What Women Want

A little while ago, I asked my husband to do something. He did it . . . and then I got mad at him for not doing it the way I wanted him to.

I do that sometimes.  I'm sure a lot of women do. For example, it's OK for me to yell at or spank the kids, but when my husband does it, sometimes I come to their rescue or tell him to calm down. This is ridiculous since my husband is about one calm step from dead. The man is never riled up and rarely loses his cool. He handles the kids way better than I do.

On that particular night I thought about how I had gotten mad after my husband had just done what I had asked. Then all of the sudden lightening struck and I burst out laughing. Travis asked me what was so funny. I replied,

"Do you know what women want?"

He responded, "Of course not."

I nodded and then looked at him with an amused expression on my face. "I want you to be me, only better. . .I want you to be the best version of me."

It sounded ridiculous coming out of my mouth and I knew it, but it didn't make it any less true.

It was like I had had a major epiphany. I want him to do things like I would, handle situations like I do, but better than I actually do and better than I actually am.

I guess I have given up on making me better so I just work on him now. I think that's what nagging is. I also realize that it may be working. Now I will continue free of guilt. I'm so glad he learned such a valuable lesson. I bet he is too.