Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Not Your Breakfast of Champions

This morning I was getting the kids breakfast before school.I noticed an open bag of Kit Kats on the counter and wondered why they were there. I put them back in the cupboard for Halloween.

My husband left for work a few minutes later, but stopped short. "Who took my breakfast?" He asked looking around confused.

I looked confused too. "You said you didn't want anything, so I didn't make you anything."

He didn't respond as he was busy looking for his breakfast. That's when it hit me. I stopped short. "Wait . . .are you referring to the bag of Kit Kats that was left on the counter as your 'breakfast'??"

Travis looked up relieved, "Yah, where are they?"

I just stared at him. "Let me get this straight. You are going to eat a HALF bag of Kit Kats. . .all in one sitting . . . for your breakfast?"

Travis looked at me like I was being ridiculous. "It's not all Kit Kat's in there. It's Reeses, Snickers and Twix too."

I stared at this man that I had chosen of my own free will and choice to marry, this man that for all intents and purposes is incredibly smart. "You do realize that's not any better right?"

He just rolled his eyes.

Before he shut the door I called out to him, "Please raise the amount of our life insurance policy today while you're at work and make sure it's submitted before you fall into your diabetic coma."

I guess that's why you don't buy Halloween candy this early and why we have life insurance.


  1. and yet lets remember when your mom fed you cake for breakfast :)
    or you eating rice and soy sauce for breakfast in highschool...
    I'm with Trav, give me a bag of candy and I'll smile all day

  2. Found your blog from KSL. I love your writing!! You are very talented. Glad you are a contributor now!!

  3. This is amazing. I think my husband would think the same thing. We are on the same life-insurance-policy wavelength!

    I found your blog from KSL. You are a very talented writer!!

  4. Tracie-Thanks for your comments! You're a sweetheart and what a darling baby. Yes!! We women need the insurance not only for the food, but a host of other things including no seat-belts, snow boarding without helmets, etc. etc. haha

  5. So I, like others may have, found you from your post on KSL. I just have to tell you I have never known somebody I can relate to so well and not even personally know. I am having, and hopefully it will end a similarly to yours, experience with my boyfriend of 3 years. We should have pulled the trigger a long time ago but do to unforeseen circumstances and life we are still dating. But I agree he is not my soul mate and he was someone I never thought I would end up with or love as much as I do. I am sure he feels the same way. Sorry not to go on but I just had to comment on this article, this is my boy! I ask him what he had for breakfast and varies between nothing to Reese's or some sort of chocolate or two mandarin oranges. Anyway I just had to laugh because what you said would have been my response as well. Thank you for sharing!! I am enjoying what entries I have read thus far.