Monday, October 7, 2013


Does anyone else think the Febreze commercials are a little ridiculous? (I'm sorry Febreze, I'm sure your product is good. All I know is that every time I'm pregnant the smell makes me chunder. Incidentally for all of you who were wondering what "chunder" is--you now know.)

Febreze's latest commercial shows a couple on a romantic getaway at a nice beach house.At the end of their stay the Febreze people pick up the couch cushions where the couple has been lounging for the past week and the underneath is filled with garbage. Surprise!! Somehow the couple is totally fine with it and somewhat thrilled. "We had no idea!!! Haha ha That's so wonderful!"

Umm what?? Even if I couldn't smell the stench, I really can't imagine being delighted that I had been deceived by the beach owners and that I had been napping, watching TV, and making out all week long only a few inches from maggot-covered food. And what did they do to our tooth-brushes while we were at beach?   

I hope for Halloween they up their game commercial-wise. I really want to see where they go with them. I hope this time it's a body that's been kept under the couch cushions in a special compartment. I'd kill to see that couple.

"My goodness. We had no idea! That's delightful!"
"Yes, I couldn't even smell the decaying flesh!"

On a positive note, I have stopped cleaning up the house. I just shove all the garbage and poopy diapers under my couch and spray a little Febreze. It's wonderful!!

Side note:
I have to give credit where credit is due. The third paragraph was all my husband. We're a good team.


  1. OK- I vaguely remember purchasing Febreeze to use on our nasty dorm carpets in Madison 5- yes the apartment where every step (including showering) was taken in great care wearing flip flops so as to avoid the lice ridden, flea infested, mold encrusted filth we lived in.... I actually like Febreeze. Funny story- I used it once to make a shirt smell clean (naturally too lazy to wash it) and no joke someone complimented me on my smell as if it was a deodorant or perfume. The product is marketable as a body spray Kate... just a thought if your book doesn't take off :)

  2. I prefer the garbage stench over Febreeze that stuff makes me gag.

  3. This is hilarious, especially cause I was thinking along these lines the other day when I saw a similar commercial.