Friday, September 13, 2013

Attachment Disorder

I've mentioned this before, but my kids have some weird obsession with taking random things from the house with them everywhere. I can't say that I am blameless in this. I'm a big "chucker". I throw a lot of things out.

I hate clutter and I hate too much stuff. So when the kiddos come home with pictures that they drew from school, they go from the fridge to the garbage. Not gonna lie, it's gotta be close to a Rembrandt to go into the scrap book. That means stick figures with heads on top of bodies with no necks and hands that freakishly extend out the sides of of their stick figure bodies without arms--those get trashed, but if they took the time to add eyelashes to the overly huge eyes or stilettos to stick figure feet, I may save those. . .for one day more. 

My kids are frequently found rifling through the garbage when something goes missing. Sadly, it's usually the first place they look. I realize I sound heartless, but all you need to do is watch one episode of "Hoarders" to realize that maybe chucking more than you keep isn't such a bad thing.

Anyway, tonight my daughter was having a hard time going to bed. I had threatened her with the usual, "No TV tomorrow. . . I'm going to take your dream light for the night . . . no music. etc. etc." I was in the kitchen and she casually walks in and starts rifling through some things on the counter while I look at her with eyebrows raised. She then quickly grabbed a shoe horn that was sitting on top of the counter and ran back to her bedroom. Ten minutes later, she was fast asleep clutching the shoe horn. Her dream light lay untouched at the foot of her bed. 

Am I wrong or is a shoe horn something that a hoarder would clutch when they fall asleep? Perhaps I'm creating the very problem I'm trying to avoid. 

After my son shoved a giant deflated fly fishing raft into the bottom of our stroller before our walk a couple of months ago (a previous post was written about that experience), I'm realizing I may be chucking a little too much, a little too often. My kids are smuggling whatever they can find, wherever they can hide it, because they know with me there's a good chance it will be gone by morning.

The shoe horn is now on my daughter's dresser. It's next to the stick figure picture of me wearing stiletto's. I think I may hold onto both of them for good. . .The kids that is. What is this 1920? Who uses a shoe horn anyway? 

Side note: We live in my parent's house while they are on an LDS mission.

Dear Dad,
I chucked your shoe horn.

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  1. Rick's mother kept every assignment/drawing/award from his entire life! And then he tried to justify keeping it all to me. Poor boy....I made him do some chucking! We are not going to miss his first grade math assignment. No one will.