Saturday, July 20, 2013

One Smart Boy

I had another awesome Mom moment the other day. It was one of those when I screamed in my six-year-olds face and made him cry. He had hit his sister for the umpteenth time and I was done with it. That's not something I tolerate. So I spanked him and screamed at him to get outside. Telling him to go outside was for his own sake - he needed to be away from me.

So of course as it always happens, I felt terrible. I went to look for him so I could tell him that I was sorry for screaming at him, while explaining how wrong it is to hit his sister. ( I get that I did the whole "don't hit" and then spanked him. For some reason it works though. I also do the whole: "STOP YELLING!!!!")

Anyway I went looking for Cameron and heard some sounds coming from the tool shed. The shed is a gross, old, dirty, spider-filled place that houses tools and what not. I found Cameron sitting on an old lawn chair pad. He had pulled over a big, square piece of scrap wood and had it in front of him. On the wood was a spool of wire, some scissors (wire cutters) and a rubber mallet. I watched as Cameron went about busily cutting the wire, straightening it out with the mallet, and then forming it afterward into different shapes.

Smiling, I announced my presence and asked him what he was doing.

His reply: "Oh, this is just where I come to do my work."
He then came over to me and told me to hold out my finger. Afterward he fitted a wire ring onto it complete with a "diamond."

I love that kid. There was no anger and no hurt feelings. I apologized and gave him a hug while ohhing and ahhing over my ring.

Later I told my husband what had happened.

"Cameron made me mad today so I told him to get out of the house. He left and then he promptly went to work making me a diamond ring. That's the smartest boy in the entire world."

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