Saturday, July 6, 2013

Moments of Summer Chunder #3

Bum a ride on a cute guy's jet ski

I still remember the summer when my family went boating (we didn't have a boat) with our cousins (they did). My cousins were pretty and outgoing. We were all on the beach laying out when suddenly a cute boy on a jet ski came riding by. After the third time it was obvious this guy was checking out my cousin on the beach.

When he came back around, this time spraying water in our direction, my cute cousin ran toward the water, dropping her towel in the sand and yelling, "Get me wet! I want a ride!!"

The jet skier immediately pulled over and picked her up for a free ride. My sisters and I were jealous and wondered why he wouldn't give us a ride too.

Looking back at some old family pictures, I now get it.

 The glasses from the 80's that my sister is sporting obviously once belonged to a 60-year-old child molester. My cousins' Dad was our eye doctor. Do these glasses constitute malpractice?

My other sister and I were the victims of the "Meg Ryan pixie cut" at the time. It should have been called the "I shaved my head and am now going through the akward stages of trying to regrow my hair out" haircut, or the "Mullet in the back - bowl cut on top haircut", or the "beauty school experiment". 

Anytime I am tempted to cut my hair, my husband simply brings out this picture. He then reminds me that this is the reason I never dated in high school.

Here are two simple rules to follow to insure your free jet ski ride:

#1- Be cute
#2- Don't not be cute

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  1. Yes, definite 80's child-molestor malpractice there . . . is there a statute on that kind of thing?