Monday, July 15, 2013

Moments of Summer Chunder #5

Roasting Mallo's over your Stove

We did this one as kids when we wanted to feel like we were in the canyon.

Step One: Hopefully you have marshmallows.

Step Two: Put them on any kind of a stick or fork.

Step Three: Have an adult turn on the stove for you. If you're an adult making these, than your child is probably the responsible one - have them turn on the stove for you.

Step Four: Roast your mallow and eat it. 

Step Five: If you have ingredients for s'mores, than by all means, make those things!

FYI: This is safer than a fire pit. Once when I went to the canyon during my freshman year of college, we roasted marshmallows. Mine lit on fire as is often the case. I flipped it up quickly to blow it out. Only I flipped it too hard. The marshmellow landed on my lip and stuck there . . . while on fire. 

It's hard to get something that is burning off of you if it's also sticky. We didn't bring any water and it was 5 in the afternoon. The sun beating down on my burnt lip was less than ideal. Roasting marshmallo's is still a little traumatic for me. 

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