Monday, July 8, 2013

Moments of Summer Chunder #4

Staying at a Friend's Cabin

Staying at a friend's cabin = Awesome
Cleaning up after yourself before you leave = Fair
Cleaning for more hours than you spent actually staying at the cabin. = Crazy
Chipping in for a cleaning lady = Crazy awesome


Important things to note about Cabin Staying:

#1 If you're asked to chip in for a cleaning fee it's a good thing. If you're asked to chip in for a cleaning fee and then asked to deep clean the cabin, you've been duped. Unbeknownst to you
got invited to Spring Clean the cabin.

#2 It may be sexist, but if you're a girl and a bunch of guys invite you and your girlfriends to come stay at a cabin and they aren't interested in any of you then see #1.

n point: 

My roommates and I were invited to a guy friend's cabin. When we got up there
it was mostly guys. We arrived late. The place had a bunch of treats and popcorn and stuff on the floor -none of which we had eaten. We didn't really visit much with the guys and wondered why we had been invited. This is when my woman's intuition kicked in. Everyone went to bed and once they were asleep, I did the math. Ten guys and four of us girls plus one giant mess. We were the clean up crew. I
mmediately rounded up the roomies and told them we had to get the heck out of there asap.

So we all snuck out at 3 am.. 

BTW: To our friends with cabins . . . of course these stories aren't about you.

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