Saturday, July 20, 2013

One Smart Boy

I had another awesome Mom moment the other day. It was one of those when I screamed in my six-year-olds face and made him cry. He had hit his sister for the umpteenth time and I was done with it. That's not something I tolerate. So I spanked him and screamed at him to get outside. Telling him to go outside was for his own sake - he needed to be away from me.

So of course as it always happens, I felt terrible. I went to look for him so I could tell him that I was sorry for screaming at him, while explaining how wrong it is to hit his sister. ( I get that I did the whole "don't hit" and then spanked him. For some reason it works though. I also do the whole: "STOP YELLING!!!!")

Anyway I went looking for Cameron and heard some sounds coming from the tool shed. The shed is a gross, old, dirty, spider-filled place that houses tools and what not. I found Cameron sitting on an old lawn chair pad. He had pulled over a big, square piece of scrap wood and had it in front of him. On the wood was a spool of wire, some scissors (wire cutters) and a rubber mallet. I watched as Cameron went about busily cutting the wire, straightening it out with the mallet, and then forming it afterward into different shapes.

Smiling, I announced my presence and asked him what he was doing.

His reply: "Oh, this is just where I come to do my work."
He then came over to me and told me to hold out my finger. Afterward he fitted a wire ring onto it complete with a "diamond."

I love that kid. There was no anger and no hurt feelings. I apologized and gave him a hug while ohhing and ahhing over my ring.

Later I told my husband what had happened.

"Cameron made me mad today so I told him to get out of the house. He left and then he promptly went to work making me a diamond ring. That's the smartest boy in the entire world."

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Day

I just have to say thank you so much to all of you that support my writing.

Last month I entered a contest in LA for the next big movie idea. I entered two scripts I have been working on. This contest is through Scriptpipeline and is one of the top in the nation. It was a huge long shot. There were thousands of entrants. The four grand prize winners were all men. Then there were 20 people that got picked for five-year memberships to their site, only three of those were women. And then there were 5 people picked to have their scripts receive a consultation with their movie executives. Four of those were men, the last name was mine. 

I couldn't be more thrilled or excited. Five years of hard work and a load of rejection has finally gotten me to this point. The idea that I could possibly have my scripts made into a movie is crazy. Super excited!

Thank you Thank you!!! Literally I would have stopped writing a long time ago without your support.

My posts may be more sporadic now as I work like mad to finish my screenplay.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Moments of Summer Chunder #5

Roasting Mallo's over your Stove

We did this one as kids when we wanted to feel like we were in the canyon.

Step One: Hopefully you have marshmallows.

Step Two: Put them on any kind of a stick or fork.

Step Three: Have an adult turn on the stove for you. If you're an adult making these, than your child is probably the responsible one - have them turn on the stove for you.

Step Four: Roast your mallow and eat it. 

Step Five: If you have ingredients for s'mores, than by all means, make those things!

FYI: This is safer than a fire pit. Once when I went to the canyon during my freshman year of college, we roasted marshmallows. Mine lit on fire as is often the case. I flipped it up quickly to blow it out. Only I flipped it too hard. The marshmellow landed on my lip and stuck there . . . while on fire. 

It's hard to get something that is burning off of you if it's also sticky. We didn't bring any water and it was 5 in the afternoon. The sun beating down on my burnt lip was less than ideal. Roasting marshmallo's is still a little traumatic for me. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Moments of Summer Chunder #4

Staying at a Friend's Cabin

Staying at a friend's cabin = Awesome
Cleaning up after yourself before you leave = Fair
Cleaning for more hours than you spent actually staying at the cabin. = Crazy
Chipping in for a cleaning lady = Crazy awesome


Important things to note about Cabin Staying:

#1 If you're asked to chip in for a cleaning fee it's a good thing. If you're asked to chip in for a cleaning fee and then asked to deep clean the cabin, you've been duped. Unbeknownst to you
got invited to Spring Clean the cabin.

#2 It may be sexist, but if you're a girl and a bunch of guys invite you and your girlfriends to come stay at a cabin and they aren't interested in any of you then see #1.

n point: 

My roommates and I were invited to a guy friend's cabin. When we got up there
it was mostly guys. We arrived late. The place had a bunch of treats and popcorn and stuff on the floor -none of which we had eaten. We didn't really visit much with the guys and wondered why we had been invited. This is when my woman's intuition kicked in. Everyone went to bed and once they were asleep, I did the math. Ten guys and four of us girls plus one giant mess. We were the clean up crew. I
mmediately rounded up the roomies and told them we had to get the heck out of there asap.

So we all snuck out at 3 am.. 

BTW: To our friends with cabins . . . of course these stories aren't about you.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Moments of Summer Chunder #3

Bum a ride on a cute guy's jet ski

I still remember the summer when my family went boating (we didn't have a boat) with our cousins (they did). My cousins were pretty and outgoing. We were all on the beach laying out when suddenly a cute boy on a jet ski came riding by. After the third time it was obvious this guy was checking out my cousin on the beach.

When he came back around, this time spraying water in our direction, my cute cousin ran toward the water, dropping her towel in the sand and yelling, "Get me wet! I want a ride!!"

The jet skier immediately pulled over and picked her up for a free ride. My sisters and I were jealous and wondered why he wouldn't give us a ride too.

Looking back at some old family pictures, I now get it.

 The glasses from the 80's that my sister is sporting obviously once belonged to a 60-year-old child molester. My cousins' Dad was our eye doctor. Do these glasses constitute malpractice?

My other sister and I were the victims of the "Meg Ryan pixie cut" at the time. It should have been called the "I shaved my head and am now going through the akward stages of trying to regrow my hair out" haircut, or the "Mullet in the back - bowl cut on top haircut", or the "beauty school experiment". 

Anytime I am tempted to cut my hair, my husband simply brings out this picture. He then reminds me that this is the reason I never dated in high school.

Here are two simple rules to follow to insure your free jet ski ride:

#1- Be cute
#2- Don't not be cute

Monday, July 1, 2013

Moments of Summer Chunder #2

Play in the Gutter

We especially loved doing this in an intersection. The water would pool up there. If we were really lucky and enough neighbors had their sprinklers on, we got an inch of water and in some places two inches!!

The only difficult part is dodging cars. It helps to have one child be the look out.

Playing in the gutter has another advantage - it staves off Summer dehydration since there is plenty of secondary water to drink - which we did. Ironically it gave us diarrhea.
Waiting for the water

If you're in a city where there's a water restriction, your kids will only be able to play in the gutter after 6pm or before 6am.