Friday, June 28, 2013

Moments of Summer Chunder #1

I was reminiscing on my childhood Summer memories and I decided to do a "Moments of Summer Chunder Countdown" of real things we did as kids in the Summertime. If you happen to have ten or more kids, are on a budget and are looking for things to do, I have included step by step instructions.  

#1-Homemade Otter Pops

Warning: Disappointment will occur
My mom occasionally bought the store brand of otter pops. Ten kids and hundreds of neighbor kids meant they only lasted a few days. So we kids improvised and made our own. The following is step by step instructions.

Step One: Get a no-name brand otter pop wrapper.

-Don't fret if you don't have one of these. You can usually walk in any number of backyards where there are kids present and you will find them littering the lawn. In fact, I'm feeling generous. Please feel free to get one of the twenty that is on my grass as we speak.

Step Two: If you were lucky enough to get an Otter Pop with an actual popsicle inside then good for you! Go ahead and take a minute and enjoy it, but don't throw away that wrapper.

Step Three: Fill the Otter Pop with water from your sink, making sure to leave one inch at the top.

Step Four: Get an old newspaper rubber band and wrap it around the top to "seal" the water in.

I realize that we are in the wrong decade for newspaper rubber bands, but just head on over to Grandma or Grandpa's house. They will have an entire drawer dedicated just to rubber bands. It can be found in between the paperclip drawer and the drawer filled with the pencils and pens from 1943.

Step Five: Stick it in the freezer.

Step Six: This is the hardest step . . .waiting.  

Step Seven: aaaahhhh I'm so excited. . . Get the Ice pop out of the freezer and enjoy!!

Step Eight: Finished? Don't fret. Simply repeat steps one through eight! Hope you saved your rubber band, if not, you know where to find more.

Nothing like a homemade piece of ice on a hot summer's day.

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  1. Hahahah I love it. And Cam's face! Jord and I were just talking about his lack of Otter Pops growing up the other day :)