Monday, June 17, 2013


My kids never remember their shoes whenever we go somewhere, but they're always sure to bring as many random things as they can carry. At any given moment my car is filled with, a pair of my shoes (courtesy of my four-year-old daughter), random board games, utensils, articles of clothing, a billion stuffed animals, blankets (even though it's 90 degrees outside), tools and other random trinkets.

Today we didn't have the car so we went for a walk. I told my son a million times to get his shoes on. He came out of the garage a few minutes later, shoe-less, carrying a giant sized fishing inner tube.

"Cameron" I said. "What are you doing with that?"

"I want to take it." He said while struggling to lift the deflated tube off the ground.

"Are you serious bud? For what?"

"I just want to."

"Cam, we're going on a walk around the block - not to the nearest fishing hole. Do you plan on dragging that with you the entire way?"

I finally convinced my son to leave the tube, while telling him once more to get his shoes on. Meanwhile Meg emerged wearing her good Sunday shoes and dress. I decided to pick my battles and let that one slide. Cameron came out a few minutes later in an over sized pair of spider man slippers. Whatever. As we walked up the street, I wondered why the stroller was so heavy until I looked in the bottom and found the over sized inner tube.

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