Saturday, April 6, 2013

One Week and Counting

It's Saturday and one week before busy season is over for Accountants, which means one more week for me to be a psycho mom. My oldest son Cameron can be more than challenging and unfortunately he doesn't know that when I get psycho he needs to stop pushing my buttons immediately.

Tonight he was on a role and I was more than done with being a single parent. I sent both he and his sister to bed and was so mad at them that I just said, "Go to sleep now!" and left the room.

Later I was walking by their room. That's when Cameron says in a sweet, quiet voice, "Mommy, it seems like you don't even like us anymore, and you never even hug or kiss us good night."

Of course my heart broke and I immediately went in and apologized for my behavior, assured both of them that I loved them no matter what and explained that I was stressed with Daddy gone all the time, but it wasn't their fault. I hugged and kissed them both and told them I loved them before leaving the room.

I was emotional and texted the orrdeal to my husband at work; saying that I was a crappy mom.

He texted me back. "So did they go to sleep?"

I wrote: "No. They're in there talking."

This was his reply: "Tell them to go to sleep or they will never get hugged again."

This time I did cry . . . from laughing hysterically.

I so married the right person.

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