Friday, April 19, 2013

A World Full of Good

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Usually my posts are light-hearted and never serious, but I haven’t been able to sleep this week. Like many of you, I can’t get the images of the Boston Marathon bombing out of my head. A cloud of heavy sadness has hung over me. I wasn’t even there. I cannot imagine what it was like for those that were there and even worse for those who felt it firsthand.

I watched as Matt Lauer interviewed three people who were at the Boston Marathon. He asked them if this bombing would keep them from coming to another marathon. All three of them said that it wouldn’t. I thought to myself that although it may not deter me from going to any marathons, it may deter me from bringing my children. There have been so many horrible tragedies lately. Is there anywhere we can feel safe? New York is out, movies are out, school is out and now marathons are out. All of these thoughts swirled in my head bringing with them a pit of despair in my stomach. Is this the world I live in?

Yesterday I got up and checked my email. I noticed a new letter in my inbox. It was from my parents who are on a service mission in Johannesburg, South Africa. My parents had uploaded some new pictures on their blog. Their friends had come on a trip as part of the group "eyes4zimbabwe". One of their friends' son was playing with the natives. There was one sentence. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Tears filled my eyes as I stared at the picture of a small boy, who on a recent trip to Mozambique, unprompted, had removed his own shoes and shirt and given them to a native child in need. I realized something that I had already known, but had forgotten in my sadness. This world is also good.

In most of these horrible tragedies, it was one person that made the terrible decision to hurt others, one single person. And in every one of these terrible tragedies, thousands of people rushed in to help and save the victims.

Teachers hiding students and blocking bullets with their own bodies. People in a dark theater leading strangers to an exit while calling to fellow human beings to follow them to safety. First responders and medical personal who came by the thousands, some from states away to help strangers trapped in mountains of rubble. And now, Bystanders and volunteers who instead of running away from an explosion, ran toward it, to help fellow human beings-to help perfect strangers.

There are so many people in this world just like that little boy. Why is it that they take no thought for themselves when there is a need, even if they don’t know the person they’re helping? I believe the answer to that question is simple. They are good.

I watched the news last week. A man is dying of a rare form of cancer. He needs a bone marrow transplant immediately. A few days later hundreds of people drove to a church and waited in a long line. They were waiting to be tested, desperately hoping that they would be a match so they might save a strangers life.

That's the world I live in and that's the world my kids will be raised in - a world where strangers run in to save other strangers. A world that is full of good.


  1. This is really wonderful..I really appreciate the people who are always ready to help others.. This all article and pictures touched my heart very deeply

  2. This is really wonderful..I really appreciate the people who are always ready to help others.. This all article and pictures touched my heart very deeply

  3. My 18 year old daughter is in Zimbabwe with the Nield family of which you spoke. what an amazing family and an example to all of us. They have created a legacy through their goodness. I'm hoping that my daughter catches the vision of service to humanity. I loved seeing those images. Thanks for reminding us of the beauty of humanity when there is so much of the depravity paraded in front of us in the news.

  4. I loved reading this Kate, there really is so much good in the world to see, and good people all around.

  5. Those pictures are beautiful, and truly inspiring. It's nice to hear stories of goodness in the wake of so much recent suffering.

  6. Thank You for sharing your thoughts on this. It seems to be so easy to focus on the horrible things that have been happening. Thank you for the reminder of all of the good people.