Monday, March 18, 2013

A Few "Memories"

I had the opportunity to serve a service mission for the LDS church when I was 21. I went to Italy and had some incredible experiences. Since most of them were hard to put into words or close to my heart, I usually wrote them in my journal and saved the crazy and funny stories for my letters back home. I was going through some of those letters the other night and found this letter. I wrote it toward the end of my mission on a day when I didn't have much to say so instead I invented memories I "had" with each of my family members. They are all made up, but in some of them I used snippets of church movies or talks, deep thoughts, cheesy movies and just plain weirdness. I believe this was the letter that helped me decide that one day I wanted to be a writer. 

Enjoy. Don't try to understand it. It's weird and hopefully funny??
And I am back with a few memories.

Jon-Do you remember the time when you told me you invented the big dipper?

Jeff-Do you remeber when you sat behind me in old Mr. Greens school house, and you called me "Carrots", because of my red hair and I got so mad at you that I broke my slate over your head? Well that was that. Mr. Green got so mad, he got out the paddle and we both knew that he was going to whip me good. You stood and said, "I will take Agnes' lashings". 
I bet that walk to the front of the class seemed like eternity, I know it did for me. I remember when Mr. Green took off your coat; the one Mom made you out of Dads old work socks, the one that
hardly kept out the fierce winter chill. I gasped in horror, as you wore no shirt. My eyes than traveled down to your feet, but something was amiss. It was then that I saw that you didnt have shoes on at all, but that your feet had been maticulously painted with black shoe polish to look like sunday shoes and it was then that I knew ... I still
know. Thanks Jeff, thank you!

Tammy-Do you remeber when you skated at the Nagono, Japan Olympics in '78? No one knew you were blind. You did so well, you even threw in that triple lux, into a sit spin, that I taught you. The audience, was riveted.You were over come with emotion after, but there was only one problem; you forget about the roses they threw on the ice, the roses they always threw on the ice, and you ... you fell. I came on the ice and gently picked you up ... just like you have done for me so many times before.

Eric-Do you remeber when you and Amy were in the Chariot Races in '56 (B.C. that is). I sat in the stands and cheered for you, until I watched as you both at dangerous speeds, lost control of the family chariot, it swerved crazily, you were racing Conan that year, you know - the Barbarian. My head was swirling, whirling, I was so cold so cold .. ! I felt trapped ... lt was then that I realized that I was trapped in the ice box behind, The old five and dime store, and you guys werent in a race at all. You were changing the tire on our '56 Chevy, lazily drinking old Maggie-Linns famous lemonade. Good times, Good times

Mom and Dad- Do you remeber when my only dream in life was to be a Roadie for Wilson Phillips? You guys never stood in my way- not once. I even remember the time, when we went to their, "Battle of the Bulge" concert in Nashville. Dad was wearing his, "I'm with stupid" t-shirt, Mom in her, "Because I'm the Mom that's why" t-shirt and me in my, "I'm talking and I can't shut-up" t-shirt. Oh how we shined.

Bob-Do you remember when you and Angela took me to Cheyenne Rodeo of '96? I rode for you guys, I'm still riding for you. Afterwards we went to Home Depot . . .for obvious reasons.

Erin-Do you remember when you had the Elections in '68?  You won by a land slide. Afterward we all went to
celebrate. We drove to the Piggley Wiggley for a Coke, and you bought me a "Little Slugger" hat.

Jordan-Do you remeber when we were at the Hand Cart Days Parade, and you had made your famous Cream Puffs, and old Sally Anne brought her Blueberry Tarts? That was the day that I went on the Ferris Wheel with Tommy Tucker, and Becky was green with envy cause she was sweet on him! I still think you should have won that bake off by a landslide!

I will always remember the Winter of '49. It was especially cruel to us that year- what with the Alamo and all. I remember they called Dad to Fight, Johnny had the gout and a fake leg. He couldn't go. I found some old tin, out back, and fashioned you out a breast plate, and spent the whole night designing the Family Crest on it for you. That was the year when our crop did especially well.

Well I could go on and on, but I must close now. We'll always have Days of our Lives and Bon Bons. I love you all.


  1. I just wish you remembered English class and how to spell

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  3. When I am rich and famous you guys are dead to me!!! I'm assuming you (mom) are already dead to Erin now.

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