Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Little Atheist

As we sat in church on Sunday listening to a man speak from the pulpit, my almost 4-year-old daughter, who likes to disagree with everything, decided to give her two cents to everything the man said.

Man: "I know the scriptures are true."

Meg loudly: "No they're not."

Man: "I know that God is real."

Meg loudly: "No he isn't."

Me whispering to Meg: "Honey, that's not very nice. You like the scriptures and you know that God is real."

Meg. "No I don't."

Me: "Ok, well if there's no God, then that means that when we die, we won't ever be back together as a family again."

Meg finally getting it: "Ohhh, you mean like the girl that sings that song (Taylor Swift).

Meg now singing loudly: "Weee aren't ever, ever, ever getting back together."

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