Friday, February 15, 2013

Mom's Letter

We heard some sad news about a friend whose mom recently passed away. My parents live outside of the country right now, so I wrote and shared the news with her along with a letter from the woman's daughter. This was my mom's reply:

"That really is so sad. I can just imagine that happening to me and all of you kids sobbing uncontrollably, remembering all the mean things you said and did to me and wishing that you had been more loving and kind to me.  I know you will all be ridden with guilt and grief.  And probably wish that it was Dad and not me who had died. But I will look down on you and smile--and think,  "I told you so!'"

People wonder how I have enough stories to necessitate a book. With a mom like mine, I assure you, I will never run out of material. 

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