Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dumbest in the Family: Update

Old Post:

My oldest son, Cameron threw a major fit, so I sent him to his room. He knows he gets in big trouble for saying, "I hate you" so instead he screamed at me through the door, "You're the dumbest in our whole family!!"

I thought it was hysterical so I texted my husband and told him what Cameron had said. This was my husbands immediate reply and also the reason I love him.

"Just goes to show what he knows. Edison is the dumbest in our family."

 Edison is our 8-month old.

Addition to this post:

Today Edison learned to clap. I showed my husband when he got home from work. He turned to me and said, "Ok nooow you're the dumbest in the family."

If you're a girl reading this and your first reaction was, "Oh my gosh that was so rude" or "How sad." Your husband is right, you are too sensitive.


  1. HYSTERICAL! Thanks for sharing the update! Sounds like my house...the whole entire story!

    1. Thanks Amy! BTW. I made a cake the other day. Your cake would and should have laughed it to scorn. I will blog about it and you will see why.