Sunday, January 27, 2013

Downton Abbey

I just realized that tonight is Downton Abbey night and I'm excited. I love the show. My Mom tried to get us girls into it when it first began. It wasn't until this year though, when I had my son that I started watching it on Netflix during night feedings. I seriously looked forward to the baby waking up. That's when you know a show is good.

Even though my Mom has known my husband, Travis for eight years, (I say "known" but really she has never called him anything but "what's his name") she still tries to get him to watch it. It's hilarious because this is a man that has only watched one romantic chick-flick with me during our nine years together. He hates them and flat out refuses.

I will admit that I'm part to blame for this, although I didn't know it at the time. When we were dating, I was aware of his aversion to chick flicks, but at the suggestion of his Aunt, we attended The Notebook. We had never seen a preview and didn't know what it was about. We sat in the theater and it began. I remember a lake at sunset and birds flying over and music written for a love story. Not just any love story, but a grandma chick-flick. Travis looked horrified, "Oh crap." Was all he said.

Now, anytime I try to convince him to go with me to a chick-flick, he reminds me of The Notebook and how that little escapade has earned him an exemption for the rest of our married lives. I saw the movie too and obviously I have no argument.

Back to Downton. My Mom knowing all of this about Travis still sent him weekly emails telling him that he would love Downton Abbey. I get why she does it, it's a great show and she wants all to enjoy it, but Travis isn't one you can convince on such matters. And really, would I rather have a husband that doesn't want to watch Downton with me or wants to?  Do guys under the age of 70 watch that show?? Recently, I found out that some do.

My cousins came over the other day and we were discussing the show. They asked me how Travis liked it. I responded, "Are you kidding me? He would never watch that." They were both surprised.

"Really, my husband loves that show."
My other cousin nodded. "Yeah, so does mine."

I looked at them jealously. "Man, you guys are so lucky. . .I wish my husband was gay."


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