Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dumbest in the Family

My oldest son, Cameron threw a major fit, so I sent him to his room. He knows he gets in big trouble for saying, "I hate you" so instead he screamed at me through the door, "You're the dumbest in our whole family!!"

I thought it was hysterical so I texted my husband and told him what Cameron had said. This was my husbands immediate reply and also the reason I love him.

"Just goes to show what he knows. Edison is the dumbest in our family."

 Edison is our 8-month old.


  1. I thought this was about me! Remember when mom called me unlearned because I don't have a degree?

  2. Kate, love your writing, and I love the picture you chose . . . you are so beautiful, and so darned funny! Love, Marti

  3. I laughed out loud so hard when I read this! I just stumbled upon your blog from an article that was floating around fb about your soul mate. I love your writing and everything about you. I love that you are real about life, in makes you instantly likable, compassionate and someone that you can in turn, be yourself around. Thank you!

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog. I found it after reading an article on fb about soulmates. You are hands down, one of the funniest people I have ever encountered. I have been laughing, crying and everything in between, and maybe some of those tears were from laughing so hard, I couldn't control myself. You are so real and down to Earth, I instantly felt an connection with your writing and openness. Rejected writer? Why is that even on your About Me page? Love your writing. Going to have to get your book!

    1. Kimberlee-What a nice thing to say and how nice of you to take the time to write me. Thank you! Haha I just got rejected once again today! Those fools!!! :)